Devon James Denied Early Parole

On April 8, 2016, leaders from the 23rd Judicial District Attorney’s Office and Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, along with family members of three victims and defendant of a 2012 Ascension Parish triple homicide, were present at Elayne Hunt Correctional Center in St. Gabriel, LA. for a parole hearing requested by defendant Devon James for consideration of an early release. Devon James was one of 5 defendants who were linked to the brutal slayings of Irwin Marchand, his wife Shirley Marchand, and their 50 year old son Doug Dooley at the Marchand’s residence on Babin Rd. in Ascension Parish.


Although Devon James was not physically present at the scene of the murders, nor is it believed that James had any prior knowledge that the murders were going to occur, James allowed the other defendants to use his vehicle as a mode of transportation, allowed the other defendants to use his home after the burglary and murders to break into a safe taken from the Marchand residence, cleaned his vehicle of any potential evidence, and profited from the crimes committed.


In exchange for James’ testimony against the other defendants, James was allowed to plead guilty to 3 counts of Accessory After the Fact to 1st Degree Murder, Compounding a Felony, and Obstruction of Justice. James was admitted to the Louisiana Department of Corrections for a total of 15 years.


District Attorney Ricky L. Babin, Assistant District Attorney Robin C. O’Bannon, and Major Kevin Hanna of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office testified in strong opposition to any early release of Devon James


          Devon James as well as members of his family testified as to why they thought James should be granted an early release.


After considering all of the testimony and evidence provided during the parole hearing, the panel made up of the Honorable Sheryl M. Ranatza, Kenneth A. Loftin, and Alvin Roche, Jr., all of the Louisiana Board of Pardons and Parole, unanimously voted to deny Devon James’ request for early parole. James is expected to be released in or about the month of July 2017.