District Attorney Narcotics Diversion Program Graduates Six Defendants

          District Attorney Ricky Babin is pleased to announce the graduation of six adult defendants from the 23rd Judicial District Attorney Narcotics Diversion Program. These individuals were recognized for their successful completion of the program which was implemented in 2019 to target the needs of non-violent individuals who suffer from drug addiction. This program is funded by the Parish of Ascension and led by Assistant District Attorneys Charles “Chuck” Long and Robin O’Bannon. Presiding over these cases is the Honorable Judge Tess Stromberg.

           The District Attorney Narcotics Diversion Program was implemented as a tool to assist those individuals in Ascension Parish who suffer from drug addiction. During the course of this program, offenders are required to maintain sobriety, steady employment, and follow rigorous guidelines implemented on a case by case basis to provide the needs of each offender. It has been proven that rehabilitation is more effective than incarceration for individuals who suffer from addiction.